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Calcium Fertilizer Thailand

Calcium properties

  1. Chemical formula: Ca Co3
  2. Composition Ca 0.56& and Co2 44%
  3. CCE 90-97%
  4. Suitable for pH adjustment. Add calcium to feed recipes for chickens and pigs, and also, for acidic soils to bring the balance.
  5. Great for feeding aquatic animals such as shrimp.
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Other Great Benefits of using Calcium Fertilizer

1 – Create Healthy Soil

Calcium is essential for good soil structure. It plays a huge role in regulating the soil’s acidity and pH levels. Water is better absorbed and helps to keep nutrients readily available, whilst reducing erosion. This makes calcium fertilizer ideal for creating healthy soil whether at home or in a commercial application.

2 – Increase Nutrient Uptake

Calcium is great for helping plants get all of the nutrients that they need, ultimately reducing waste. Calcium enters the plant through the roots, via water, helping the plant grow stronger and healthier.

3 – Early Season Growth

With additional calcium in the soil, plants grow faster, and earlier. It is also great for keeping the plants uniformed and of a similar shape and size (which is great for crops and forage farmers).

4 – Healthy Plant Tissue

Calcium is essential for building healthy cell walls in plants, promoting healthy cell division, and increases the permeability of membranes. This makes your plants not only healthier, but more durable and weather resistant as well.

5 – Healthy Forages (Hay / Chickenfeed)

Calcium in soil can produce healthier and more nutritious forages for feeding animals such as cows and chickens. Give your livestock a nutritious feast and keep them as happy and healthy as possible. Not only is it great for your livestock, but it’s even better for your brand image!
6 – Higher Yields and Greater Profit
Calcium creates healthier plants it’s as simple as that. If you wish to make greater profit with higher quality yields, introducing calcium fertilizer is a great way to go.

Why Buy Calcium Fertilizer in Thailand?

Calcium fertilizer is a multi-purpose product that can be used for both feeding plants, and treating or preventing diseases, especially among fruiting plants. This is a common component for commercial balanced fertilizers but can easily be mixed at home for a variety of specific purposes.

If you are uncertain if this is the product for you, please feel free to contact us and we can ensure that you are purchasing the ideal fertilizer to suit your needs.


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