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Fertilizer Manufacturer in Thailand

Welcome to TKK Fertilizer (Thailand) Co., Ltd’s Website. We are the leading fertilizer manufacturer and supplier in Thailand and produce all types of fertilizer. We use the latest technology in the US and as a result, are able to produce the highest quality.

Over 80% of farmers put their faith in our fertilizer factory. We gladly take care of the production of raw materials from natural sources in Thailand for both farmers and sub-factories alike. Additionally, we take care of certain neighbouring countries as well. That is the scope of our production capabilities.

With a capacity of filler Micronutrients, supplement soil improvement material, and a wide variety of other fertilizers, we are able to produce 3,000 tons per day! You can rest assured that we are well-positioned to take excellent care of you and provide you with the highest quality fertilizers which adhere to the Department of Agriculture standards and exceed expectations.

Thank you, from the management team TKK Fertilizer (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Thitikalayakorn Thanapop Thanakun

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TKKfer: The Country’s Major Source of Raw Materials for Agriculture

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Our Thailand based fertilizer Factory has a vision, it is to continue to deliver the highest quality organic, chemical, and soil-enhancing fertilizers which adhere to the quality and trading standards of the Department of Agriculture. Premium quality, fair prices, and the absolute best ethics. We take pride in managing and distributing products that are an integral part of our nation’s agricultural success and the premium quality products that Thailand’s farmers produce.

No 1 Fertilizer Supplier in Thailand


As a leading fertilizer manufacturer and supplier in Thailand, TKK Fertilizer Co., Ltd. Is a major source of raw materials for agriculture, especially marl-marl ore. Our products go towards soil and water improvement as well as being the centre of raw materials for production such as perlite, dolomite, calcium, gypsum, phosphate, zeolite, lime, humus cake, salad, and potassium humate. Production of organic fertilizers, organic chemical fertilizers, Perlite Dolomite, Bio-Organic Fertilizer, Raw Material for Fertilizer Production, Production of fillers, Production of sack fertilizer, accelerated fertilizer, chitosan, organic agriculture, organic fertilizers, bio-liquid fertilizers, fertilizer factories, rice fertilizers, fertilizer companies, agricultural chemical fertilizer sales companies, fertilizer sales, foliar fertilizers, nano fertilizers, fertilizer production plants, accelerated fertilizers, fertilizer shops, rubber fertilizers. Agricultural products, soil conditioners, npk fertilizers, cassava fertilizers, npk fertilizers, and much more.

Your Number One Supplier of Premium Quality Fertilizers

If you are looking for the highest quality fertilizers, we have a wide variety of different options to choose from. Thus, you will certainly find the perfect fit to suit your needs and requirements.

Tae your time and have browse through the various products that we offer. Should you require any additional information, please feel free to contact us today, at your convenience.