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TKKfer.The Country’s Major Source of Raw Materials for Agriculture

Perlite Fertilizer Thailand

Because perlite has a good absorbent and has high self-porosity, it can help maintain balance between the amount of water and air in the soil too.Follow the link to find out more about our Perlite Fertilizer products.


Dolomite a highly pure natural micronutrient supplement. It contains calcium, magnesium, iron, aluminum and silica, which are all necessary for growth and makes plants stronger.Follow the link to find out more about our Dolomite Fertilizer products.


Calcium is suitable for adjusting soil pH, solving acid soil problems, acidic soil, adding calcium in feed recipes for chicken, pigs, and aquatic animals such as shrimp.Follow the link to find out more about our Calcium Fertilizer products.


Gypsum is a chemical formula Ca Do4 2H2O consisting of Sulfur hydroxide (SO3 46.5%) Calcium Oxide (Cao 32.6% and H2O 20.9% Water) use for agricultural applications.Follow the link to find out more about our Gypsum Fertilizer products.


Phosphate is a natural stone mineral. It is finely milled through no less than 100 methanol, the main component, plant nutrient, phosphorus, and contains secondary nutrients such as Calcium and Magnesium.Follow the link to find out more about our Phosphate Fertilizer products.


Zeolite maintains the pH balance in water with high porosity. It also helps adjust the absorption of fertilizers and nutrients are not leached to capture toxins and waste in the digestive tract of animals.

Agricultural lime

Agricultural lime is used for soil improvement such as clay, acidic soil, pathogenic soil, etc., which is often used in fields, vegetable plots, orchards to improve soil quality, and is suitable for cultivation.


Humus is a fermented material made from waste material from industrial factories such as chicken slaughterhouses, paper mills, and vegetable oil factories It can be used as a tool to catch pellets in the form of granular fertilizer and add organic matter.Follow the link to find out more about our Humus Fertilizer products.


is said to contain natural mineral soil conditioner. It makes the soil loamy so that oxygen can enter, and the roots will expand and penetrate. It’s also great for feeding growing plants through to maturity.

Potassium humate

Potassium humate helps to keep the soil moist and well ventilated. It also helps to keep the soil good, making the root system of the plant healthy so that the plant absorbs nutrients well.

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As a leading fertilizer manufacturer and supplier in Thailand, TKK Fertilizer Co., Ltd. Is a major source of raw materials for agriculture, especially marl-marl ore. Our products go towards soil and water improvement as well as being the centre of raw materials for production such as perlite, dolomite, calcium, gypsum, phosphate, zeolite, lime, humus cake, salad, and potassium humate.

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