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Gypsum Fertilizer Thailand

Gypsum Fertilizer Thailand

1 – Chemical formula: Ca Do4 2H2O – consisting of Sulfur Hydroxide, (SO3 46.5%) Calcium Oxide (Cao 32.6% and H2O 20.9%).
2 – Used as a soil conditioner for agriculture. Grinding the gypsum up and sprinkling it directly into the soil.
3 – Calcium from the gypsum can replace soil sodium to reduce the salinity of the soil.
4 – Help to add secondary nutrients to the soil and the plants inside it.

Gypsum is a type of calcium sulfate, which is a naturally occurring mineral. It has been touted as being beneficial for breaking up soil that is overly compacted, such as clay soil. Additionally, it is handy for changing the soil structure of overly heavy soils which have bee impacted by either heavy foot traffic, flooding, overcropping, or simply being overly weatherized.

Farmers have used gypsum (calcium sulfate dihydrate) for many years, though has received renewed interest in recent years. This is due to recent discovered benefits of which there are plenty.

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Other Great Benefits of using Calcium Fertilizer

Thailand Gypsum Fertilizer, Properties and Benefits

1 – Bolstered Plant Nutrition

Gypsum is an excellent source of sulphur for plant nutrition and subsequently improves crop yields. Additionally, calcium helps to stimulate root growth improving the plants nutrition levels.

2 – Improves Acidic Soils by Treating Aluminum Toxicity

Gypsum can be used to reduce the overall aluminum toxicity which tends to accompany soils which are more acidic. Ideal for finding a suitable balance to keep your plants healthy and getting everything they need.

3 – Better Soil Structure

Flocculation or aggregation is required to give soil structure better root growth and more room for air and water to manoeuvre.

4 – Better Water Infiltration

Gypsum makes the soil much easier to drain, reducing the chances of it becoming waterlogged. This will inevitably allow plants to grow much easier in the soil and healthier too.

5 – Reduce Runoff and Erosion

One of the major contributors to the quality of water is agriculture, due to runoff being of the biggest concern. Gypsum helps to keep all of the phosphorus and other nutrients from leaving farm fields and thus, keeping our water cleaner, and yields healthier. This is ideal if you wish to not only improve the quality of your products, but to do your part for the environment and ultimately reduce the size of your carbon footprint.

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