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Humus Fertilizer Thailand

Humus Fertilizer Thailand

Humus is a dark substance that ranges from brown to black and is what remains when organic waste has decomposed. Ground-dwelling creatures such as earthworms will work hard to fuse the Humus fertilizer with the soil, thus enriching it even further!

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The main benefits of humus fertilizer emerge once it has fully decomposed, making it possible for plants to get the most out of it.

Humus can be added to many varieties of soil, making it more robust. There are plenty of plant nutrients inside, including minerals as well. You will also find that humus fertilizer contains plenty of bacteria and other useful micro-organisms that are required to help plants grow strong and healthy.

  1. It is a material obtained from fermentation. Waste material from industrial factories such as chicken slaughterhouses, paper mills, vegetable oil factories.
  2. Used as a help to catch tablets in the form of granular fertilizer and add organic matter.

Properties and Benefits of Humus Fertilizer in Thailand

  • Disease suppression – humus compost gives a healing effect to plants and cleanses soils.
  • Increase plant yield – Better harvests.
  • Porosity increased in the soil allows more air and moisture to flow freely.
  • Higher nutrient retention – high CEC levels holds nutrients in the soil for longer.
  • Less compaction – the soil becomes spongy and is able to spring back rather than compact.
  • Less dependence on chemicals – resulting in healthier plants and happier customers.
  • Less erosion – rain is less damaging to soil.
  • Better water retention – as though the soil is a sponge holding water

Additional benefits include greater soil fertility and digestion; promotes microbial activity in the soil; suppresses the growth of weeds; neutralizes pH in the soil; neutralizes harmful compounds; reduces leaching significantly; water infiltration is higher.

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