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Perlite Fertilizer

Perlite Fertilizer Thailand

Perlite is used by mixing it into the soil. As Perlite is a decent absorbent, it has a high self-porosity and makes the soil’s condition loamier. Perlite can also help to maintain a healthy balance in the soil between the amount of water and air inside.

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Properties and Benefits of Perlite Fertilizer in Thailand

1 – The porosity of Perlite is 5 times greater than that of regular clay, which results in a sufficient amount of oxygen in the soil, meeting the plant’s every need.

2 – Perlite fertilizer Thailand, can help to retain moisture 45 times better than sandy soil, which helps to prevent it from dying out and causing issues with the plant’s growth.

3 – Perlite helps to maintain balance between the amount of air and water in the soil. It also keeps the soil at a healthy mixture, neither being too moist or dry. This keeps the soil soft and not too hard, helping to promote strong and healthy future growth.

4 – It has dielectric properties which keeps the soil temperature from changing significantly during harsh weather conditions, helping the plant roots to absorb food much easier. This makes it even more valuable for Thailand’s incredibly hot summers months.

5 – Perlite fertilizer in Thailand is neutral. This means that it is highly resistant to chemical reactions and can be mixed with all types of chemical fertilizers without a detrimental effect.

6 – Perlite is classed as inorganic, thus, when mixed into the soil it is more durable and will not be degraded by microorganisms.

To summarize, perlite fertilizer in Thailand, can be added to soil mixes to improve its drainage and aeration, allowing the plant’s roots to get more oxygen. It can also be added to gardens as a soil additive for the purpose of improving the soils overall structure, making it more robust. Perlite can help to reduce soil compaction in heavier soils, such as clay-based soil.

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Perlite can be added to soilless mixes to improve drainage and aeration, providing more oxygen to plant roots. It is also added to gardens as a soil additive to improve soil structure. Perlite also helps reduce soil compaction in clay soils.


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